Anirban –Unique Presentor | Effective Planner & Forecastor | Motivator & Influencer |Effective Decision Maker

Anirban is a visionary leader, a great communicator, a motivator, an influencer and business strategist.

Anirban has got more than 22 years of experience in different Multinational Corporation of Global repute.

Anirban is extremely competent in Strategic Planning, Sales & Marketing, Key Account Management, Branding & Product Management & Client Relationship Management.

Focusing on

Anirban is a Marketing & Business Strategist


Anirban is defining and designing the marketing strategy for the region since 2007 when he joined Mitsubishi Elevator as a Sales & Marketing head. With experience of handling Sales & Marketing both in India & abroad, he speaks of strategies which are customer-centric & get positioned differently in the marketplace.

Negotiation & Conflict Resolution

Human beings always get imprisoned in their own mind. It’s the perceived notion that acts as a greatest hindrance the way one should process the information in a negotiation. Anirban brings his significant experience of handling major sales negotiation through value added examples for his team to elevate their thinking to next level.

Art of Communication

Time has come to understand that speaking is not synonymous to communication. Success vastly depends on spreading your ideas effectively. Anirban believes that ideas can’t be same for all the segments as Customer’s thought process greatly changes across different business verticals. It’s about identifying the buying signals & re-position one’s product & services to match the Customer’s requirement. Anirban shares his views with his team to inspire & motivate them to think outside the box.

Anirban – Motivator & Influencer | Branding & Communication Strategist | Unconventional Marketer

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